Feature in Black & White Magazine, October 2017


How does one survive a Plutonium blast? If you’re Peter Leighton the answer may come with cool wit, scorching satire and a deadpan sense of irony that in fact, one doesn’t survive it. At least not in the typical, crawling out of a bomb shelter after the radioactive dust has settled, way in which we picture atom age survival. This is so because the blast comes without an explosion, without devastation and without radiation. The photographs that make up Man Survives Plutonium Blast show a world that is for the most part intact, but with people nonetheless suffering from a metaphoric dose of fallout that wends its way through mind and soul to ultimately wreak its havoc on the unprotected tissues of the psyche. The larger question may instead be, “How does one survive the chronic stresses of life under the shadow of The Bomb?”