Man Lives Through Plutonium Blast solo exhibit
opened 7 April at Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, Oregan


The Portland opening night crowd was wonderful! 1,500 folks showed up: gracious, curious and attentive.

From Portland's Willamette Weekly:

Man Lives Through Plutonium Blast
 Artist Peter Brown Leighton creates dystopian 21st-century images by digitally combining black-and white snapshots from the mid 20th century. A man and a woman in '50s bathing suits stand on a beach, plumes of ominous smoke billowing behind them. Four Leave It to Beaver-era brothers crowd around the family TV, the headline announcing "AN ATTACK IS TAKING PLACE." Because Leighton's digital manipulation is so seamless, it is often difficult to know what is real and what Leighton has imagined, which makes the series all the more disturbing, foreboding, charming, bizarre and hilarious.